6th grade

Welcome to 6th grade Technology Education.  This year students will be introduced to the basics of technology and engineering.  Students will be introduced to the problem solving method known as the Engineer Design Process which students will use when they are working on their projects. Here is what students will be doing in 6th grade.

Meeting Technology: Students will learn about the basic terminology of Technology and Engineering and see how Technology is improved upon.  Students will also learn about the 7 areas of technology and create a bubble chart showing how the technology connects different devices and systems.
Energy and Power  Technology

Process Loop: Students will learn about how an assembly line operates and how it presents every part of the Process Loop.  Students will then use their creativity to create a new candy and explain how their candy is made using the Process Loop.
Candy Project

Design and Constraints: Students will be introduced to computer aided drafting and learn to draw objects at different points of view. Students will be introduced to the field of Medical Technology where they will learn about the different types of sensory dispositions and design, 3D print and donate a sensory device to students of other schools or different organizations who experience or work with people with these types of dispositions.


Students will continue to learn about how technology can only advanced based on what is available. Students will then design, construct, and test a tower build from a limited number of straws, glue and tape  and compare their models to each other.
Straw Tower

Technology and the Environment: Students will understand the impact different technologies have on the environment.  Students will learn about ecosystems, and other green technology techniques. Students will be introduced to webpage designing and research and environmental issue and how technology is helping with the solutions.