In-Class Support Description:

            Itinerant Support is designed to provide support for students with disabilities in the general education environment in order to maintain success academically.  This is the least restrictive placement for students with learning needs, and requires students to attend 5th block to meet with their support teacher at least once a week.   Itinerant Support teachers work with students in the content area classrooms by: clarifying directions and newly taught skills, facilitating group work, providing assistance during independent activities, aid in note taking, and/or redirecting students to academic tasks.   


Learning Objectives for Itinerant Students:

  • Students will work on their individual IEP goals in order to improve their individual skill sets.

  • Students will learn how to take notes as well as improve their study habits, so that they will be successful in their academic courses.

  • Students will learn to become independent learners by taking advantage of regular education supportive resources as well as develop self-advocacy skills to help navigate the academic community effectively.


    Itinerant Support Expectations:

  • Be respectful to all members of the school community

  • Complete agenda book on a daily basis

  • Maintain organizational skills

  • Schedule a time to meet with Miss Hanner each week to check in and receive support.



    Respect Statement:

    All members of the school community are expected to be respectful of each other. Negative comments about anyone’s race, nationality, religion, physical appearance or ability, intellectual capability, gender identity, sexual orientation, work ethic or character are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.