Ms. Valencia Brooks

Marshall Academy

Supplemental Learning Support



  1. To enhance academic growth and achievement by using the specially designed instruction within the IEP of each individual student to help the student succeed.

  2. To guarantee educational opportunity for each student according to the school district curriculum and the students IEP.

  3. To promote a positive self- esteem and encourage a positive attitude of self- worth.

  4. To teach students strategies that will allow them to cope with demands of social interactions with their peers and adults.

  5. To prepare students to transition into a regular classroom environment.

  6. To ensure Progress is being made on objectives and goals written within the IEP.



  1. To give the students a basic understanding of grammar mechanics and parts of speech.

  2. To introduce to the students acceptable written expression.

  3. To improve students spelling ability.

  4. To teach students to apply various strategies in note and test taking.

  5. To improve their essay writing skills.

  6. To be able to identify author’s purpose, and summarize.

  7. To be able to respond to literature, make a connection, compare, contrast, react and interpret.


  1. To read for comprehension using multiple genres, novels, short stories, poetry, and silent reading.

  2. To develop students inference skills.

  3. To introduce literary elements of a story.

  4. To teach students to apply word analysis and structural analysis to decode words encountered.

  5. To develop their figurative language (connotation, denotation, idioms, multiple meaning words, analogies,

  6. To use graphic organizers.

  7. To improve/increase reading comprehension and fluency.


  1. To teach adequate knowledge of the number system and numeration.

  2. To teach the students to compute mathematical combinations.

  3. To teach the students to apply and combine mathematical concepts to solve problems.


  1. To give students a basic understanding of American history, Community Building, Our Government and the roles they play.




  1. To give students a basic introduction into the world of science through data collection, hand on experiments and the world of scientific exploration.



  • Students are expected to read a novel for 15 minutes nightly, in addition to reading in school daily.

  • If there is assignments to be completed at home the reading requirement may be shortened for that night.

  • Parents: please check your child’s agenda book, for they are responsible for writing homework in their agendas daily. It is the student’s responsibility to use the agenda as a tool and follow the homework routine of writing assignments as instructed.

  • Late work will not be accepted after quiz or test has been completed, or after 5 days past the due date.

  • The highest possible grade on late work in 70%



  • Come to class prepared with supplies and assignments.

  • Turn work in on time.

  • Be an active participant in class.

  • Follow school rules as outlined in the student handbook.

  • Follow classroom rules as posted within the classroom.

  • Take responsibility for their actions (academically and behaviorally)

  • Be respectful of others’ time to learn, personal space, and belongings.

  • Always use appropriate language in school.



  • Quizzes, test and projects: 40%

  • Classwork: 30%

  • Homework: 20%

  • Behavior: 10%




  • There are a variety of curriculum resources used to teach students skills they need in order to meet their IEP goals and goals of the district curriculum.