Spirit Day Calendar

    • Special Dress Days Marshall Math Science Academy

      Spirit Days

      Dress Down Days (1/2 days, paydays)

      August 26- Tie Dye (field day)

      September 9- MMSA shirts

      September 2- Hawaiian Tropics Day

      September 23- MMSA shirts

      September 16- Wear Black and White (National POW/MIA Day)

      October 7- MMSA shirts

      September 30- 70’s Day

      October 12- MMSA shirts

      October 14- Football- Team Day

      October 21- MMSA shirts

      Week of October 28- Red Ribbon Week (Ms. Casey)

      November 2- MMSA shirts

      November 8- Wear Red, White and Blue (Election Day)

      November 18- MMSA shirts

      December 9- 80’s Day

      November 23- MMSA shirts

      January 20- Wear Red/Black/Green (African colors) MLK Day

      December 2- MMSA shirts

      February 3 Career Day (Dress Like your future career)

      December 13- MMSA shirts

      February 14- Wear Pink, White and Red

      December 16- MMSA shirts

      March 14- Dress Like a Mathematician (Pi Day)

      December 22- MMSA shirts

      March 17 Wear Green (St. Patrick’s Day)

      January 27- MMSA shirts

      March 31- Baseball- Team Day

      February 8- MMSA shirts

      April 12- Wear Bright Colors (Spring Celebration)

      February 24- MMSA shirts

      March 8- MMSA shirts

      March 24- MMSA shirts

      April 17- MMSA shirts

      April 21- MMSA shirts

      May 5- MMSA shirts

      May 10- MMSA shirts

      May 19- MMSA shirts

      May 31- MMSA shirts

      Staff and Students Dress Expectations for Dress Down and Spirit Days

      No headwear (except for religious purpose).

      No Sleeveless shirts, no crop-tops or low-cut shirts. No see through shirts.

      When wearing MMSA hoodie, you must wear an MMSA shirt underneath.

      Jeans, shorts and skirts must be worn at waist.

      No cuts, tears or holes. No writing on seat of pants/shorts/skirts. No leggings or yoga pants.

      Shorts and skirts no higher than knees.

      No outer wear. No hoodies.

      All graphics must be school appropriate.

      No flip-flops or bedroom slippers or open-toed shoes.