Black History Projects

The students’ focus for this Unit of study is “How did the individual’s actions change history or impact society?”

            Using the Unit essential question the students will research an African American Historical Figure. The students will publish a biography on an Historical Figure that includes relevant and pertinent information telling the accomplishments this person achieved and how they made an impact on society.

            The Library Media Center (LMC) is where the students will conduct most of their research and apply information literacy skills. It is here that the students will extend and refine their research skills – seeking important information from books and online resources and “making sense” of this information - selecting essential facts to be incorporated into a final project. 

            Students will create a final project using Blabberize. This unique program gives the students an opportunity to have their African American Historical Figures come alive by sharing their life story (using the students recorded voice). 
Links to the projects: 
N.S. as Edwin Moses:  


M.S. as Ella Fitzgerald:
T.L. as George Washington Carver:
D.J. B. as Michael Jackson:
S.G. as Ruby Bridges:
Te.L. as Daniel Hale Williams:
C.A. as Malcolm Little: