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Workout plan “quarantine PE”

3 days per week

Monday, Wednesday and Friday


Run/ Walk 15min

Perform dynamic stretches (20 feet or 20 seconds)

  1. Frankenstein’s- Walk while kicking your legs forward touching your opposite foot with each step.
  2. Walking lunges- Walk forward and lung so both legs are in a 90 degrees position making sure your knee does not touch the ground.
  3. Butt kicks- Perform a light jog while kicking your butt with each leg.
  4. High knees- Perform a light jog while raising your knees waist-high.
  5. Skip- Step and hop while reaching the opposite arm and knee into the air when you hop.  

Static stretches (hold for 10 seconds, make sure you do not bounce and continue breathing throughout stretch)

  1. Touch your toes- keep both legs straight, lean forwards and touch toes
  2. Spread your legs apart while keeping your feet facing forward.  Lean your chest over your right leg, middle and left leg. 
  3. While your legs are spread apart, bend your knee to one side while keeping the opposite leg straight.  Make sure your knee stays behind your toes throughout the stretch.
  4. Stand up, lift one leg and hold your foot against your buttocks while balancing on the opposite foot.  Hold your arm forward to help maintain balance. 
  5. Perform arm circles forward and reverse with both arms.  Don’t forget to make large circles and small circles.

Exercise routine…

Jump rope for 20 seconds

Do 10 push ups

Do 10 sit ups

Do 10 jumping jacks

Take a break for 30 seconds and do the exercise routine again…

Try to do 4 rounds if possible, but if it’s too difficult take breaks throughout each round.  Over time the workout will get easier and you will get stronger. 

After you complete the workout, take a walk for 5 minutes.