8th grade

Welcome to 8th grade Technology Education. This will be the year student's put all the knowledge and skills that develop through the previous 3 years together to solve real world programs and develop a better understanding of technological systems, innovation, advertising in technology and Upcycling. 

Technological Systems
Students are introduced to how Technological Systems work and perform and are re-introduced to the Process Loop. During this time students will select any technological system or device and break it down into its different components of the Process Loop. Then will then create a Poster Board explaining the Process of that system or device.

Design of Technological Systems
In this lesson, students will be introduced to why so many technological systems in our society are being innovated and how innovation will continue to grow to the needs and wants of mankind. Students will then innovate an assignment they completed in another teacher's class during the same school year. Students will take their understanding of slopes and create their own prototype of a stained glass window.

Students will also learn about the importance of scaling in design and how a good design is the first step to innovating any device or system. Students are presented a problem where they must innovate a standard walker used my many elderly Americans into something that will better support the needs of a 21th century elder. Students will teach up to design and 3d print a prototype of their solution and present it to the rest of the class.

Social and Cultural Impacts 
Students are introduced to the world of advertising and how based on the audience the ads is meant to reach, how the ad has a social and cultural impact on that audience. Students will learn about the different persuasive techniques used in advertising, introduced to story boarding and camera techniques and lastly be introduced to programs like Chromo key and Windows movie maker. Students will then collaborate in teams to create a 1-2 minute commercial advertising MMSA.

Economics and Environment
In this lesson, students are introduced to the impacts of technology in the environment and economy. Students will learn about how different materials have their advantages and disadvantages not only in development but also in recycling and reusing. Students will then collect recyclable materials and up cycle those materials into a whole new product. Lastly, students will set up a shark tank style presentation and present their idea to the rest of the class.