7th grade

In 7th grade, Students are reintroduced to the Engineer Design Process and focus on the 3 most overlooked steps. These are Research and Brainstorming, Design, and Evaluation. In 7th grade many Project Based Learning assignments are completed to really develop and evolve students skills in problem solving.

Invention and Innovation
In this lesson, students focus on the Research and Brainstorming step of the Engineer Design Process to help develop a better understanding of the difference between an Invention and an Innovation, as well as understanding that due to our ability to evolve our wants and needs change and different products have to be invented or innovated so that these needs are met.
Students are introduced to a digital presentation program known as Prezi which allows them to create creative and more entertained presentations.

prezistudents working

Students are also introduced to the program Microsoft Publisher. A program where one can create business cards, greeting cards, party invites, brochures and much more. Students use this program, Google Sketch-up and Paint to innovate any product that wish too, and into something more productive or easier to use.


Designing a Space Craft Subsystem
Another step looked over alot when problem solving is the design and planning step. Most individuals when finding a solutions to a problem tend to jump right to building and testing it rather than planning and designing to make sure it can even work. Students develop a better understanding for design by learning about technology in space and how design and planning can lead to some major accomplishments in space technology. Students review their knowledge with Sketch-Up and as a team design a Lunar Rover that by theory can extract oxygen from the dust on the moon and use it for lunar settlements or to transport back to earth and use.

lunar rover 1Lunar Rover 2

Engineer Design Process

Students will review all the steps of the Engineer Design Process and really focus on the last step, Evaluation. Students will discover all the different fields in engineering and develop and test a Rubber Band Powered Vehicle. Students will be able to analyze how their vehicles performs, make modifications and calculate their results.


Rube Goldberg
Rube Goldberg was a famous cartoonist back in the early 1900s, who created sketches of complex contraptions that would perform a simple task. Later, he began to actually construct some of these devices and later lead to many doing the same for entertainment or completion. Students during this lesson will learn who Rube Goldberg was, learn about the six simple machines and how they work, and lastly construct and test their own device that will perform whatever task the Rube Goldberg Completion is doing that year. 
rube goldberg 1


Rube Goldberg 2