5th grade

Welcome to MMSA 5th grade. We will be entering into the Introduction of Computer Programs and Skills and well as see the role technology plays in the development of cities. In 5th grade grade will be introduced to the following:

Introduction to Typing: Typing is a much needed skill to have in most any career field. Students will use free typing.net to better improve their typing skills.

                   Freetyping.net page

Introduction to Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office and Google are too of the highly used programs for office work and any other data entry and presentation career fields. Knowledge in these programs can assist a person when interviewing for different jobs.  Students will be introduced to Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Word and Excel  using each program to assist them not only through the marking period,  but also through the  rest of their time at MMSA


What does a city Need?   Students will observe a pictures of D.C from the past and today. Students will then determine based on the pictures why things changed and what does a city need to function.

Maps: Students will learn how to use coordinates to read maps

City Vocab: Students will learn about the basic vocabulary used by city engineers

Infrastructure: Students will read articles about the need for Improving the Infrastructure in most cities in the world and then write a compare and contrast essay about the articles.

Street Through Time: Students will complete a packet observing a website about the changing of a single street throughout the course of 12,000 years and observe the difference between each picture and see how technology impacted that change throughout time.
Majora Carter: Majora Carter was an amazing woman living in the Bronx who saw the much needed change of her part of the city and with hard work dedication and a never give up attitude turned parts of the Bronx into beautiful public spaces that people come from all over to see. Students will read an article about this Ms. Carter and watch a video as well and on a post it notes write about something they learned and who want to learn about Ms. Carter and fixing up public spaces.

History of Communication: Students will observe a lecture about the major changing points of communication throughout history and create a timeline booklet to show how some of these events happened.


Transportation: Students will learn about how transportation can effect the growing of a city and then build their own vehicle powered by a balloon. Students will race their vehicles and calculate their time, distance and speed and create a graph showing their results. Students can watch the link below to have an idea on how to build this vehicle.

                         Balloon powered vehicle

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